Dragon's Temple

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FlagNeutral.png Dragon's Temple
When you managed to reach to end of Grotto of Exile V2, you can talk to Ghost of a Sura and start the run. The maximum time allowed to finish the run is 1 hour. There is a timer under your minimap. A group of at least 2 players with at least level 75 is required to start the run.

5 Background.pngTwisted Key.png Twisted Keys per member are required to enter. You can only do this once per 24 hours. It is possible to enter an additional 5 times per 24 hours if you give 70 Background.pngDragon's Temple Entry.png Dragon's Temple Entry per member, per time to Ghost of a Sura (a total of 350 Dragon's Temple Entry if you use all 5 additional runs).

When you meet the above requirements, all members now should charge their entry. You can do this by Sura of a Ghost and choose 'charge'. Now select wether you use the Twisted Keys or Dragon's Temple Entry. When all members did this step, the groupleader now has to generate an instance. Select this option on Sura of a Ghost. All members now have 3 minutes to enter, or the instance is gone and thus your charged entry.

Once inside, take note that even if you log out, you are still in the same room. But if you use 'restart city', you are wiped out. Talk with the Ghost of a Sura inside to start the run and the monsters will immediately appear, while the NPC will disappear.

From now on your goal is to kill within 1 hour. You will only be able to deal damage to it if all present Metin Stones are destroyed. Every once and a while they will respawn and you can again no longer deal damage to Beran-Setaou until these Metin Stones are destroyed. However, every Metin Stone has an additional buff that works to Beran-Setaou:

It is therefore necessarily to destroy these Metin Stones quickly to prevent Beran-Setaou from healing its HP. There are always 8 Metin Stones present in random amount of different Metin Stones.

Once Beran-Setaou has been killed, you will automatically teleport outside back to Sura of a Ghost after 3 minutes.

Interactive Map
Ghost of a SuraDragon's Temple Interactive Map.png
Ore Veins
No ore veins available on this map

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
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Adjacent areas
Old Man
No adjacent areas to this map
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter