Anniversary Chest

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Anniversary Chest

Anniversary Chest.png
Anniversary Chest.png
Anniversary Chest
A chest full to bursting for Metin2's 10th Anniversary.
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This item is not used in quests.

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
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Background.pngCor Draconis (Rough).png Cor Draconis (Rough) (1 piece)
Background.pngGreen Dragon Bean.png Green Dragon Bean (1 piece)
Background.pngEnchant Item.png Enchant Item (1 piece)
Background.pngScroll of the Location.png Scroll of the Location (1 piece)
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Background.pngPotion of Speed.png Potion of Speed (3 piece)
Background.pngPotion of Attack +10.png Potion of Attack +10 (3 piece)
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Background.pngMoon Elixir(S).png Moon Elixir(S) (1 piece)
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Background.pngConcentrated Reading.png Concentrated Reading (1 piece)
Background.pngZen Bean.png Zen Bean (1 piece)
Background.pngWhite Pearl.png White Pearl (1 piece)
Background.pngBlood Pearl.png Blood Pearl (1 piece)
Background.pngBlue Pearl.png Blue Pearl (1 piece)
Background.pngSkill Book.png Skill Book (1 piece)
Background.pngBravery Cape.png Bravery Cape (10 piece)
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