Biologist Quests

You can get these quests from Biologist Chaegirab and Seon-Pyeong .
The quests help to improve your stats and will give other valuabe rewards. 1 item can be delivered in 1 day and no more
You have to finish the previous quest in order to start the next one.

Level Quest Search For Permanent Prizes
30 The research of the biologist 1 Background.pngOrc Tooth.png Orc Tooth x10

Background.pngJinunggyis Soul Stone.png Jinunggyis Soul Stone

+10% Movement Speed (permanent)
40 The research of the biologist 2 Background.pngCurse Book.png Curse Book x15

Background.pngTemple Soul Stone.png Temple Soul Stone

+5% Attack Speed (permanent)
50 The research of the biologist 3 Background.pngDemon's Keepsake.png Demon's Keepsake x15

Background.pngSagyis Soul Stone.png Sagyis Soul Stone

+60 Defence (permanent)
60 The research of the biologist 4 Background.pngIce Marble.png Ice Marble x20

Background.pngAurtumryus Soul Stone.png Aurtumryus Soul Stone

+50 Attack Value (permanent)
70 The research of the biologist 5 Background.pngZelkova Branch.png Zelkova Branch x25

Background.pngGyimoks Soul Stone.png Gyimoks Soul Stone

+10% Movement speed (permanent)

+10% Damage reduction (not defence)

80 The research of the biologist 6 Background.pngTugyi's Tablet.png Tugyi's Tablet x30

Background.pngTugyis Soul Stone.png Tugyis Soul Stone

+6% Attack speed (permanent)

+10% Attack value (permanent)

85 The research of the biologist 7 Background.pngRed Ghost Tree Branch.png Red Ghost Tree Branch x40

Background.pngForest Spirit Soul Stone.png Forest Spirit Soul Stone

10% Damage reduction from other players (permanent)
90 The research of the biologist 8 Background.pngNotes of the Leader.png Notes of the Leader x50

Background.pngSoul Stone of Leader.png Soul Stone of Leader

+8% more damage toward other players (permanent)
92 The research of Seon-Pyeong Background.pngJewels of Resentment.png Jewels of Resentment x10
  • 1.000 HP or
  • 120 Deffence or
  • 50 Attack Value
94 The research of Seon-Pyeong 2 Background.pngJewel of Wisdom.png Jewel of Wisdom x20

Background.pngBeran-Setaou Soulstone.png Beran-Setaou Soulstone

  • 1.100 HP or
  • 140 Defence or
  • 60 Attack Value