Golden Decimus Chest

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Golden Decimus Chest

Golden Decimus Chest.png
Golden Decimus Chest.png
Golden Decimus Chest
Golden reward for your heroic deeds on the boss reaping
  • Contains Several Objects.

This item is not used in quests.

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
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Content - Items
Content - Armours
Content - Weapons
Background.pngBlessing Scroll.png Blessing Scroll (1 piece)
Background.pngSun Elixir (S) B.png Sun Elixir(S) B (1 piece)
Background.pngMoon Elixir (S) B.png Moon Elixir (S) B (1 piece)
Background.pngWind Shoes.png Wind Shoes (1 piece)
Background.pngBlessing Marble.png Blessing Marble (1 piece)
Background.pngDragon Scroll.png Dragon Scroll (1 piece)
Background.pngPotion of Attack +10.png Potion of Attack +10 (3 piece)
Background.pngPotion of Haste.png Potion of Haste (3 piece)
Background.pngPotion of Speed B.png Potion of Speed B (3 piece)
Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin (1 piece)
Background.pngYoung Pet Book.png Young Pet Book (1 piece)
Background.pngPolymorph Marble.png Polymorph Marble (1 piece)
No armours in this box
No weapons in this box
Content - Accessories
Content - Helms Shields
Content - Others
No accessories in this box
No helms or shields in this box
No other items in this box

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