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Guild line: Guildcountry:
Leader: Spitter
CoLeader: Meang666
Ambassador: Still no entry.
Treasurer: Still no entry.
Area: Pyungmoo
Position: 61,913
Smith: Still no entry.
Smelter: Still no entry.
Infos: Contact:
Server: Meang
Empire: Jinno Flag blue.png
Homepage: Still no entry.
Forum: Still no entry.
Teamspeak: Still no entry.

Originally under the name Orias, the guild was disbanded due to the leader quitting. Meang666 founded JinnosPride and called the guild members back together. Eventually leadership was handed to Spitter due to the fact Meang666 wasn't going to be active much. Now currently accepting players lvl 50+, JinnosPride is now one of the most known guilds on Meang Server.

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