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§1 Ranks in the Metin2Wiki
Metin2Wiki-Team (M2W-T) : Administrator

Metin2Guide-Team (M2G-T) : Metin2Guides

Metin2Wiki-Member : Registered Member

Creating more than one account (Multis) in the M2W is not allowed. If multiple accounts are found to belong to one user the accounts will be suspended.

§2 Who May Create/Edit Something?
Userpages : Every registered User may edit/create his own Userpage (No Articles)

Templates : Only M2W-T, M2G-T

Guides: Only M2W-T, M2G-T

Articles : All

The Metin2Wiki-Team as well as the Metin2Guide-Team may create or edit any page/article if necessary. Users who break the limitations in this section may have their edits reversed and warnings issued.

§3 Justification and Signing of Edits
Every registered user is obliged to justify his/her edits (e.g: WGB +7 added) as well as his/her edits in the discussion pages (Sign by 4 tildes ~~~~).
§4 Deleting Articles / Edits
The deleting of articles (emptying pages) is not permitted by any member and will be prosecuted. However a registered member may put in for a deletion request, the reason for such must be founded and also signed. Every member has the right to request a page deletion however the M2W-Team and the M2G-Team has the final say on such decisions.
§4.1 Archiving Discussions
Members are prohibited from deleting discussions. Instead they may create an archive in the appropriate format (e.g: User_talk:Atalon/Archive).
§5 Warnings by the Metin2Wiki-Team
Warnings can only be issued by the Metin2Wiki-Team. They are posted on the appropriate discussion were the warning was added. Warnings may not be discussed publicly (including, but not limited to the forum, IRC etc.) Instead users may contact the issuer of the warning via email.
§6 External Advertisement / Spam
The publishing of advertisement to other games or game versions from other manufacturers/publishers is not permitted and will be punished.
§7 Vandalism
It is forbidden to intentionally publish incorrect information on a page. Users are obliged to correct false information that is submitted. The Metin2Wiki-Team have the exclusive right to determine what is considered vandalism and punish users accordingly.
§8 Spread/Demand of Illegal Documents/Files/Programs
The asking for or submitting of illegal files including, but not limited to; documents, programs, images is forbidden. Sanctions may be placed on user accounts that violate this rule and the case may be forwarded to the Legal Department for further action to be taken.
§9 Images
Uploaded images have to be used within a set time. If linking is not done automatically (example: File:Example.jpg), the user is required to create a link themselves. For pictures without appropriate use and without information of the references a deletion application is created. The image will be deleted after 7 days in such situations. The Metin2Wiki-Team reserved the right to delete images as and when they see fit.