Setaou Leader

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Deathreaper22.png Level 90 Setaou Leader Deathreaper22.png
Setaou Commander.png
Infos: Area:

Stage: 2
Effective bonus*: Devil
Basic-EXP: -
Attackvalue: Still no entry.

Grotto of Exile V2, Dragon Room


Mulberry, Soul Stealing Blade, Bloody Dagger, Heavens Tear Bracelet, Gango Root, Bellflower Poison Sword, Devil Wing Chakram, Giant Wing Bow, Steel Bug Bell, Twelve Spirit Sword, Chakram, Ebony Braclet , Fencing Pamphlet, Crow Steel Bow, Ghost Mask Sallet, Silver Key, Iron box, Bamboo Bell, Poison Sword, Partisan, Electromagnetic Blade, Leather Boots .

  • Partisan and Electromagnetic Blade are dropped at between +4 and +6.
  • Leather Boots are dropped at +5
  • Bracelets are dropped at +4
  • Ghost Mask Sallet are dropped at +6
  • Flowers are dropped in packages of 5
  • 75 lvl weapons are dropped at +1
  • Chance to slow, Chance to Blackout
  • Can be found only at General Huashin and General Yonghan. (Boss spawns them)
*Effective bonus: a bonus, which can be on certain equipment, works against monsters of a certain kind (the "Strong against _____" bonuses).