10th Anniversary

Metin2 10th Anniversary.png

10th Anniversary

The Event starts on 10.02.2017 at 10:00 and ends 27.02.2017 at 14:00.

All Anniversary Banners

While the event is activated, Background.pngParty Flag.png Party Flag can drop as Alternative Drop, Cherie and Anniversary Merchant will be present in the first village of every kingdom, also the Anniversary Banners in every village for decoration purposes only.

Cherie gives you for the flags Background.pngSlice of Cake.png Slice of Cake or Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin.

The Anniversary Merchant will exchange your Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin for items.
As an example, Background.pngAnniversary Flag.png Anniversary Flag, Background.pngAnniversary Chest.png Anniversary Chest or Background.pngAnniversary Sash (basic).png Anniversary Sash (basic).

Boss Reaper Event! (Anniversary Edition)

  • For players above level 30 only.
    Shadow Warrior
  • Shadow Warrior will appear in the neutral areas of Orc Valley, Iceland, Fireland and Desert. Take note he won’t contain loot to drop!
  • Each hit the player does on these monster is counted.
  • One hit qualifies thet player already for a daily reward if that player is present at the moment the monster is killed.
  • Whilst attacking this monster, your attack speed is reduced by 20%. This debuff is be displayed by an icon in upper left corner.
  • If you are in range of the monsters when it dies, you get a 20% EXP boost for 30 minutes.
  • If you leave the area before the monster dies, you don’t get this special buff and you lose your daily reward and your hit counter!
  • To claim your hit counter reward visit Mr B. who awaits you in villages.

Daily Rewards

Day Daily Reward
1 Background.pngPeach Flower Wine B.png Peach Flower Wine B
2 Background.pngBravery Cape B.png Bravery Cape B
3 Background.pngPotion of Speed B.png Potion of Speed B
4 Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin
5 Background.pngPotion of Haste B.png Potion of Haste B
6 Background.pngPotion of Wisdom.png Potion of Ascension
7 Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin
Day Daily Reward
8 Background.pngMoon Elixir (M) B.png Moon Elixir (M) B
9 Background.pngMonkey Egg.png Monkey Egg
10 Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin
11 Background.pngYoung Pet Book.png Young Pet Book
12 Background.pngSun Elixir (S) B.png Sun Elixir(S) B
13 Background.pngMetin Stone Spawner.png Metin Stone (Hard)
14 Background.pngAnniversary Coin.png Anniversary Coin

Hit counter rewards

Valentine's Day Event

During the same time, the event Valentine's Day will also be running.

Other Events