Beta Server - Blazing Purgatory

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The purpose of the Beta Server is to test new contenent before applying it to live servers. Each user who registers to the Beta Server recives 2 characters - male and female with both skill sets avaivable for the class.

Characters will be created with every maintenance (daily 10:00 CEST & 17:00 CEST) which means you'll have an empty account until maintenance has been finished.

In Beta Server max level limit is 105. Players can test out Blazing Purgatory content:

  • Challenging game content up to level 105
  • Demanding high-level dungeon with seven exciting zones of destiny
  • New inventory for potions thanks to an innovative belt system
  • Fierce PvE battles, that demand cooperation and strategic thinking
  • Continuation of the main quest series
  • Improved design of the Fireland area


Date Time Event
??, November 2013 ??:?? Beta Server closed
Tuesday 22, October 2013 14:00 (CEST) Beta Server open for a 2nd Beta test phase
Monday 7, October 2013 12:00 (CEST) Beta Server closed
Friday 4, October 2013 -:- Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 added
Wednesday 2, October 2013 -:- Registrations are opened at
Wednesday 2, October 2013 17:00 Server is open

The changelog can be found here:

Changelog 2nd Beta test phase


Testing conditions

Only one CH available - October 4th more Ch's were added.
All characters in Beta start with level 104. Characters are fully equipped with bonused items.

All accounts also recive:

New Maps

Red Dragon Fortress.png

Red Dragon Fortess, A dungeon style map, composed by 7 different areas, where you need to perform 7 different tasks to complete the dungeon, all this in 1 hour time limit.

Can only enter while in group Only the leader of the group can request entry. Whole group is teleported in. The Dungeon level limit is 100, and to battle the final Boss, the group leader must be 104. Each group member must have 1xBackground.pngPassage Ticket.png Passage Ticket in order to get in the fortress. If you leave the dungeon, by disconnection or reviving in city, you have a 5 minute window that you are allowed to go back in.

  • Task 1: Venture into the Demon's Ring and emerge the victor.

This taks is completed when you kill a certain ammount of mobs (270??) in the designated area

  • Task 2: Find the Golden Cog Wheel and use it to trigger the hidden mechanism in the Isfet Stele.

Kill mobs in the designated area and collect Background.pngGolden Cog Wheel.png Golden Cog Wheel, drag the wheell to Isfet Stele, until you have found the correct key.

  • Task 3: Defeat Ignitor, Guardian of the Ember.

In the designated area, among other mobs kill Ignitor

  • Task 4: Search for the Maat Stones and place them on the seven Isfet Steles in the correct order.

By killing mobs in the designated area, your group will collect Background.pngMaat Stone.png Maat Stones, drag them to Isfet Steles to try and open them, there's a correct order to do so, if you choose the wrong Sele the key will disapear and the Sele will remain, if you choose the right Sele, both key and Sele disappear, taks ends when all Seles are gone.

  • Task 5: Only those who shy not from the singing heat will be able to defeat the Purgatory Fire Metin.

Kill the metin stone in the designated area

  • Task 6: Venture into the Demon's Ring and emerge the victor.

Kill all mobs in the designated area

  • Final: Awaken the Am-heh Gorge

Defeat Razador

New Metin

One new metin that needs to be broken to complete one of the dungeon tasks

New monsters

New NPC's

New items

Background.pngGolden Cog Wheel.png Golden Cog Wheel
Background.pngMaat Stone.png Maat Stone

Glimpses of the new belt system are visible on this beta server, some drop of belts without name, and the inventory slots for the future belt system potions, however the system was not implemented and was not subject to test.


Blazing Purgatory Teaser

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