Beta Server - Dark Dragons


The purpose of the Beta Server is to test new contenent before applying it to live servers. Each user who registers to the Beta Server recives 2 characters - male and female with both skil sets avaivable for the class.

In Beta Server max level limit is 105. Players can test out new maps, equipment, quests and so on.


Date Time Event
Wednesday 14, November 2012 16:00 Registrations are opened at
Wednesday 14, November 2012 16:04 Extra accounts available (4000 Accounts)
Wednesday 14, November 2012 17:00 5000 more accounts available
Thursday 15th, November 2012 14:00 Opening of the server
Friday 16th, November 2012 15:00 10.000 more accounts available
Tuesday 20th, November 2012 12:00 20.000 more accounts available
Wednesday 28, November 2012 10:00 End of 1. Beta test phase
Thursday 31, January 2013 16:00 Beggining of Beta testing phase 2
Thursday 31, January 2013 16:00 100.000 accounts available
Friday, 15, Februar 2013 12:00 End of Beta testing phase 2

During Beta many bugs were found and fixed. The changelog can be found here:


Testing conditions

All characters in Beta start with level 99 and all Biologist quests done. Characters are fully equipped with bonused items.

All accounts also recive:


Maximum level cap is increased to level 105. How much experiance it takes to recive that is still unknown

New Maps

There are 4 new maps in Beta:

  • Cape Dragon Fire
  • Nephrite Bay
  • Thunder Mountains
  • Gautama Cliff

You can enter the new map Cape Dragon Fire via Teleporter only with characters above level 90. From Cape Dragon Fire map you can reach Nephrite Bay map and Thunder Mountains map. From Thunder Mountains map you can reach Gautama Cliff Map. The new maps are not designed for lone wolves and should be entered in groups.


New monsters and metins

In Beta, alot of new monsters and metins were introduces - metins level 95, 100 and 105. They drop items you need to upgrade items

1. Upgrading progress

This can fail. Upgrading is possible for weapons listed above from +5 till +9. It costs 100.000 Yangs and 10 new upgrading items

The following weapons can be improved at Jae-Seon Kim's at Cape Dragon Fire:

2. Upgrading progress

This upgrading has 100% successrate. For this upgrade you need 5.000.000 Yangs, 3 Fencing Pamphlet, 100 Energy Fragment and 2 Blessing Scrolls. The weapon must be +9

Items can be upgraded by Seon-Pyeong:

New ores and veins

There are 5 new ores and veins available:

These ores can be turned into new accessories.

New accessories

All these ores can be made into new accessories suchs as Earrings, Bracelets and Necklaces.

The upgrade costs 100.000 yang and 10 upgrade items.

New armours

There will be 4 new armours.

1. Upgrading progress

Thus upgrade can fail. It costs 100.000 yang, can be done with items +5 till +9

They can be upgraded by Jae-Seon Kim:

2. Upgrading progress

This upgrading has the successrate of 100%. This upgrading has 100% successrate. For this upgrade you need 5.000.000 Yangs, 3 Fencing Pamphlet, 100 Energy Fragment and 2 Blessing Scrolls. The armor must be +9


Spontaneous events are carried out at Beta by GMs at random times. Prizes are mostly upgrade items and Yang.

Also OX competitions are held for even more chance to win Blessing Scrolls Energy Fragments and rest!

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