Beta Server - Lycan

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The purpose of the Beta Server is to test new contenent before applying it to live servers. Each user who registers to the Beta Server recives 2 characters - male and female with both skil sets avaivable for the class.

On this Beta server each player also gets a level 1 Lycan to explore the entrance map as well as 1 equipped level 104 Lycan.

• Lycan stat points will be available for each player to attribute, to allow testing of different builds.


Date Time Event
Wednesday 29, October 2014 11:00 Registrations are opened at
Wednesday 29, October 2014 13:00 Opening of server
Friday 31, October 2014 12:30 Server reseted
Thursday 06, November 2014 16:30 Beta-Server Update
Tuesday 11, November 2014 11:11 (CET) Beta-Server closed

Beta-Server Update 06.11.2014


Testing conditions

All chars are given

Before resetting the server

Lycan Skils

Image Skill Description
Shred.png Shred Tear into your opponent with a powerful blow.
Wolf's Breath.png Wolf's Breath Attack your opponent with a deadly gust of air.
Wolf Pounce.png Wolf Pounce Attack your enemy in a leap attack.
Wolf's Claw.png Wolf's Claw Shred your enemy's armour.
Crimson Wolf Soul.png Crimson Wolf Soul Become possessed by the soul of the crimson wolf.
Indigo Wolf Soul.png Indigo Wolf Soul Increase the attack speed and evasion of your entire group.

New Skills for existing classes

Warrior Mental
Image Skill Description
Sword Orb.png Sword Orb You hit the ground with your sword, causing an aura to spread which damages enemies standing nearby

Warrior Body
Image Skill Description
Life Force.png Life Force You gather every last drop of inner strength and channel the explosive power into a single blow.

Ninja Blade-Fight
Image Skill Description
Insidious Poison.png Insidious Poison You move so quickly to attack your opponent that you temporarily disappear.

Ninja Archery
Image Skill Description
Spark.png Spark You cause heavy damage to your opponent by suddenly radiating light.

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