Christmas Event (2011)

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Christmas Event 2011

The Christmas Event launched on 15.12.2011 as a completely redesigned event.

The event started on 15.12.2011 afternoon and it lasted for 20 days. While the event was activated, Santa Claus was present in the first village of every kingdom. If you speak with him, you will be able to receive the Background.pngMulled Wine.png Mulled Wine from him and activate a quest.

You can get the Background.pngMulled Wine.png Mulled Wine, once every 24 hours. Santa Claus will give you 1 package of 6 Background.pngMulled Wine.png Mulled Wine each time. It works like a potion, it lasts 30 minutes and give 10% movement bonus, 5% damage, 10% experience bonus, the effect ends when player dies If you do not use the Mulled Wine it will disappear after 20 hours.

Once a day, when you activate the Santa Claus will give you a companion: the Young Reindeer (non tradeable). The Young Reindeer lasts 2 hours, and if you will kill monsters while you are using it, you can have the possibility to drop Background.pngSock (new).png Sock (new) (non tradeable) from the monster of your level. You can give the Background.pngSock (new).png Sock (new) to Santa Claus (he will ask for 10 Socks every time) as much time as you want, and you will get a small amount of experience.

The Young Reindeer was also available in the Item Shop with a 20 days duration if you would like to have it for a longer period of time.

During the 20 days of the event, if you are really lucky, you will also have the possibility to get a Background.png22px Rudolph Seal (non tradeable). It's a special Reindeer seal that lasts 7 days. This special mount does not give you any bonus, and you will not be able to combat from it, but, will let you hop around the maps like on a real Reindeer.

Stockings disappear when the Xmas event ends. Young Reindeer and Rudolph will disappear when their duration come to the end.

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