Hair Styles

All hairstyles can be traded since the patch on 24/07/2012!

Types of Hair Styles

  • Halloween 2015 Hair Styles Fanged Helmet (Silver).pngFanged Helmet (Gold).png
Fanged Helmet (Silver), Fanged Helmet (Gold)
  • Summer 2015 Hair Styles Cobra Hairstyle.png
Cobra Hairstyle
  • Halloween 2014 Hair Styles Witch's Hat.pngZombie Pumpkin Mask.png
Witch's Hat, Zombie Pumpkin Mask

  • Olympia 2014 Hair Styles Snow Rabbit Hat.pngPolar Bear Hat.pngSnow Leopard Hat.png
Snow Rabbit Hat, Polar Bear Hat, Snow Leopard Hat

  • Masks with Attributes Tengu Mask+.pngVenetian Mask+.pngMaya Mask+.png
Tengu Mask+, Venetian Mask+, Maya Mask+

  • Halloween (2013) Pumpkin Jack Head.png
Pumpkin Jack Head

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