Halloween Event (2012)

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Halloween Event 2012

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The event started on Monday the 29th October 2012 and ended on Wednesday, the 11th November 2012.
Background.pngHalloween Pumpkin.png Halloween Pumpkin set as Alternative Drop, activating the pumpkin gives:

  • 300 HP
  • 100 MP

these regenerate instantly

These Background.pngHalloween Pumpkin.png Halloween Pumpkins can be transformed in Background.pngHalloween-Chest.png Halloween-Chest using a Background.pngMagic Wand.png Magic Wand which could be obtained from the Item Shop and from Metins.

From this chest among other items you can get Background.pngJack-O-Lantern Mask Coupon.png Jack-O-Lantern Mask Coupon, this coupon can be traded for a Pumpkin Hairstyle - Jack-O-Lantern Masks at NPC Jack Pumpkin. (Masks have random bonuses)

Available on the Item Shop:

On 31st October, at 20:00h, you could buy Background.pngCandy.png Candy, Background.pngRose (yellow).png Rose (yellow), Background.pngRose (red).png Rose (red) and Background.pngChocolate.png Chocolate
On 4th November 12 hours of Background.pngHexagonal Treasure Chest.png Hexagonal Treasure Chest event.