To list an item in a category, add the following at the end of the page:


You will need to change (name) to the actual name of the category.

In addition, this requires an additional (Sort) parameter to be used, which determines that the page will appear alphabetically within a category:


For example, for the "Help" page to be under the Category parameter use the following:


From this you can see that the 'Category' as a parameter for sorting has been used. Without this, the page would be under 'H' for 'Help:Category', instead of under 'C' lists, which of course in this case is more sensible. This can also be used more correctly in use of a page with the title "Surname Firstname". When searching you may which for it to be categorized as "Firstname Surname" in which this method can achieve it.

Note: The parameter (sorting) does not affect how the page title within the category is listed, but only effects the place and order it is in. In the above example the page would be displayed as Category:Help still and not Category as one might assume!