Land Agent

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Land Agent

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  • When guild land auctions are available, guildleaders can place their offers here
  • You can find Land Agents when you open the large map and walk to the white flags
Additional Information
This NPC is not needed for any quests
  • Guild land auctions are only available once per week for each kingdom
  • Same is true for guild lands in Dong Gwang Plain, which any kingdom can claim
  • On that specific day, guild leaders should register their guilds first between 19:00 and 20:00
  • Between 20:00 and 21:00, guilds that are registered can leave an offer through this NPC
  • Offers are only in Wons and you must have it in your inventory
  • The highest offer will own the guild land, guilds that lost their auction can claim their offer back from Guardian
  • When all properties in map1 are taken, auctions will move to map3. And when map3 is fully taken, auctions take place in map4

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