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Within Metin2 there are three separate empires: Chunjo, Jinno and Shinsoo. Each empire has its own language which means players from different empires can not read or write to each other. Communication can be seen as a vital part of any game, so there are ways to communicate with other empires.

Language Books

Each player has the possibility to master the language of different empires. Currently the skill level is capped at M1, meaning players can understand others but can't be understood themselves. Essentially, they can listen but can't speak. Each empire has their own language book: Chunjo Language Chunjo Language Skill.png, Jinno Language Jinno Language Skill.png and Shinsoo Language Shinsoo Language Skill.png. A player would need to read 20 books successfully to master the language.

Language Ring

A player can read and write in the languages' of other empires if they equip a Language Ring. Whilst extremely effective, this item is time limited.

'Sign' Language

Throughout the years, players within Metin2 have developed another means to communicate between empires, known as 'sign' language. Essentially, players will use numerical or special characters to type to each other. These types of characters are not blocked like normal characters are. An example of this would be typing "90" instead of "go", or "|< | |_ |_ |\/| 3" instead of "kill me".