Monster Card System

The Monster Card interface can be accessed with the shortcut J or through the expanded hotbar.

Monster Card interface


  • Click “Accept Mission”: 3 cards will be randomly selected from the deck below
  • Kill the 3 selected monsters
  • Click “Collect Monster Card”: one monster out of the three you killed will be randomly selected and you will receive in your inventory the corresponding Monster Card (right click on it to put it in your Collection)
  • The Mission Level increases
  • Repeat

In total there are 15 Mission Levels. After finishing the 15th level, it will automatically resets to level 1. Every level becomes more difficult. If one level is too difficult the option “Reset Mission Level” will reset the mission to level 1. This action can be performed only once a day for free (multiple times only with item shop, see tickets section).



The progression for each monster can be seen in the “Open World Collection” and “Dungeon Collection” respectively. When one card is added, the orange bar below the monster will be filled. Once the orange bar is completely filled up, the option "Promote" will be available and the monster's level will increase (in this case one star will appear under the bar). Each level requires a certain number of cards and will unlock new functions.

Level Number of cards needed Function
1 9 Animation of the mob in the interface
2 21 Further animations and a new menu to watch the monster
3 30 The player can transform in the monster
4 60 The player can be teleported into the map of the monster (or in a neighboring map). Works only if the player's level is high enough for that monster
5 60 Summon (still in development)

Note that these are the number of card needed for each individual level. So for example to reach level 3 one will need 9+21+30=60 cards.

Achievement Bonus

Achievement Bonus intereface

After the update 20.2 one can use monster cards to obtain bonuses that are shared between all characters in one account. In the "Achievement Bonus" section there are respectively Open World Achievements and Dungeon Achievements depending on the monsters required. The details of the achievement can be seen clicking on the Details (+) option. The respective bonus is showed moving the cursor over the sword symbol. To unlock the bonus one must have a certain number of stars for each monster required for that achievement. Note that the bonus becomes better with more stars.


The concept of the transformation is the same as for the Polymorph Marble. The duration depends on your Polymorph ability (at P it will be 35 min.). The attack damage is also higher with high level Polymorph ability. This transformation has a cooldown of 3 hours, but other than that it can use be used for a unlimited number of times. Note anyway that the damage done with the Monster Card Transformation is lower than with the Polymorph Marble Transformation since it has an unlimited number of uses.

Reset and Reshuffle Tickets

In the Item Shop one can find the items “Reset Ticket” (9 dc) and "Reshuffle Ticket" (58 dc). With Reset Tickets the mission level can be resetted to 1 but the number of Tickets needed increases at every reset. This can be done up to 6 times a day. The number of Tickets needed is written in the following chart:

Reset Number of Reset Tickets
1st free
2nd 2
3rd 4
4th 6
5th 8
6th 10

The Reshuffle Ticket is used to change the three currently selected monster to hunt. The level of the mission will stay the same and three new monster will be selected from the same deck.

Tradeable Card

The normal monster cards are not tradeable. However one can obtain a tradeable version exchanging 10 normal cards. This can be done with the "Swap" function. In the Collection tab select a monster with at least 10 cards and press Swap. This will consume 10 cards and the player will receive a tradeable card.