Mount Sohan

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FlagNeutral.png Mount Sohan
Mount Sohan is an icy landscape with many Undead monsters. When you walk to the bottom right corner, you can access Lungsam. Take note that from the start to Lungsam you find agressive monsters that attack you automatically. On the upper side of the map there is a dungeon which is accessable from level 100, the Nemere's Watchtower.
Interactive Map
Castle GatePyungmooJoanDead SoldierWounded SoldierIce Land GuardianWooden BarricadeOld Box with PapersOld Box with PapersTeleporterCastle GateOld Box with PapersYonganOld GravestoneCastle GateLungsamMount Sohan Interactive Map.png
Ore Veins

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
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Adjacent areas
Old Man
Can be reached via Old Man in:
From level 1:
Can be reached via Teleporter in:
From level 10:
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