Ramadan Event (2022)

Ramadan Event 2022 Header.jpg


  • The Ramadan 2022 Event is active ingame from 27.04.2022
  • Drops will end on 24.05.2022 - 23:59
  • From 25.05.2022, it will be possible to exchange your Blessing Fruits
  • The event and itemshop offers will end on 28.05.2022

The event

For the duration of the event, the Fasting Citizen and Historian will appear in the first map of each kingdom. The event is split into two parts.

First part

When you first interact with Historian and select the Something Sweet quest, you are able to exchange 10 Background.pngBread.png Bread for 1 Background.pngSweets.png Sweets. You can gather Bread from all monsters within your level range.

You can also offer 10 Bread aswell as 1 Background.pngDonation Plate.png Donation Plate to Historian that will give you a Background.pngFood Donation.png Food Donation. You can offer the Food Donation to one of the Fasting Citizens that will give you a Background.pngBlessing Chest.png Blessing Chest in return.

Second part

If you speak with Historian and select Blessing Fruit, you can gather one Background.pngBlessing Fruit.png Blessing Fruit per day. These can be exchanged for a Background.pngComet (seal).png Black Horse. The more Fruits you give, the longer the duration of the seal.

Given Blessing Fruits Seal duration
5-10 7 days
11-19 15 days
20-27 30 days
28+ 60 days

Offers on Itemshop