Rank System

The ranking system is split into three categories: positive rank, neutral rank and negative rank. These categories are split into nine different sections that run on a scale from -20,000 to 20,000.

Rank Rank Points
Chivalric 12,000 to 20,000
Noble 8,000 to 11,999
Good 4,000 to 7,999
Friendly 1,000 to 3,999
Neutral 0 to 999
Aggressive -1 to -3,999
Fraudulent -4,000 to -7,999
Malicious -8,000 to -11,999
Cruel -12,000 to -20,000

Positive Rank

There are three ways to obtain positive rank. The first is by killing monsters within your level range (+/- 9 from your level). If the monster is of the same level or greater, more rank will be obtained. You can double the amount of rank obtained from killing monsters if you equip Sage King's Glove Sage King Glove.jpg. Rank is also obtained automatically by keeping your character online and outside of any Safe Zones. When rank is positive or neutral, you will receive one rank point every two minutes; when rank is negative you will receive as many as six rank points every minute. You can double the amount of rank obtained automatically by equipping the Sage King's Symbol Symbol wise emperors.jpg. The final way to obtain rank is by consuming items that will increase your rank. Using a Fruit Of Life will increase your rank by 2,000 points. If your rank is negative, you can use a Zen Bean Zean Bean.jpg which will increase your rank by 500 points.

Having positive rank increases the possibility of dropping items. The higher your rank, the higher the increase of item drop. Positive rank can also increase the success chance when you read a Skill Book or Soul Stone.

Rank Increased Item Drop Rate
Chivalric 5%
Noble 3%
Good 2%
Friendly 1%

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Negative Rank

There are three ways that can make your rank negative. The first is by attacking players from your own kingdom when your PvP settings are on "Free". The chance of loosing rank by this method is not guaranteed, but should it occur you will loose 2,000 rank points. Rank can also be lost if you are in a group with a player who kills another player from your kingdom. Again, the chance of loosing rank by this method is not guaranteed, but should it occur you will loose 2,000 rank points divided by the number of players in the group. The final way of loosing rank is by reading a Soul Stone

Soul Stone.png

. If you read a Soul Stone whilst your rank is negative, you will loose double the amount of rank you would if your rank was positive.

If a player is level 50 or above and has negative rank, there is a chance they will drop items they have equipped or in their inventory if they are killed. Negative rank can be hidden by using a Fugitive's Cape Refugee cape.jpg. Using a Fugitive's Cape will make the player's rank appear as neutral, however they can still drop items if killed. In order to prevent items being dropped when killed, the player can equip a Lucy's Ring Lucys ring.jpg. If a Lucy's Ring is equipped and the player with negative rank dies, there is only a chance that the Lucy's Ring will drop. In rare cases, and where the player's rank is cruel, some items can still drop as well as the Lucy's Ring.

Rank Possibility to Drop Inventory Item Number of Inventory Items That Can Drop Possibility to Drop Equipped Item Number of Equipped Items That Can Drop
Aggressive 20% 1-5 5% 1
Fraudulent 40% 1-10 10% 2
Malicious 60% 1-20 30% 3
Cruel 80% 1-40 40% 4

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