Red Dragon Fortress (TR)

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FlagNeutral.png Red Dragon Fortress (TR)
Red Dragon Fortess, a dungeon style map, composed by 7 different areas, where you need to perform 7 different tasks to complete the dungeon, all this in 1 hour time limit. You can enter this area by talking to Time Rift Statue in Plateau of Illusions. Every member needs a Background.pngPocket Watch.png Pocket Watch in their inventory.

Can only enter while in group. Only the leader of the group can request entry. The minimum level to enter the dungeon is 110. If you leave the dungeon, by disconnection or reviving in city, there is no possibility to get back in.

The task is randomly given, the order of the below tasks is not in sequence. Except for the last task (7), that task is always the last task.

When you are inside, you can start the run by talking to the which is located in the middle. After clearing each task, you have to talk to it again. There is no cooldown.

  • Task 1: Venture into the Demon's Ring and emerge the victor.

This taks is completed when you kill all the mobs in the designated area.

  • Task 2: Find the Golden Cog Wheel (TR) and use it to trigger the hidden mechanism in the Isfet Stele (TR).
Kill mobs in the designated area and collect Background.pngGolden Cog Wheel (TR).png Golden Cog Wheel (TR), drag the wheel to , until you have found the correct wheel.

  • Task 3: Venture into the Demon's Ring and emerge the victor.

Kill all mobs in the designated area

  • Task 4: Defeat Ignitor (TR), Guardian of the Ember.
In the designated area, among other mobs kill

  • Task 5: Search for the Maat Stones (TR) and place them on the seven Isfet Steles (TR) in the correct order.
By killing mobs in the designated area, your group will collect Background.pngMaat Stone (TR).png Maat Stones (TR). Drag them to to try and open them. There's a correct order to do so. If you choose the wrong Stele, the stone will disappear and the Stele will remain. If you choose the right Stele, both stone and Stele disappear. Task ends when all Steles are gone.

  • Task 6: Only those who shy not from the singing heat will be able to defeat the Purgatory Fire Metin (TR).

Destroy the Purgatory Fire Metin (TR) in the designated area

  • Task 7: Awaken the Am-heh Gorge (TR)

(After clearing the previous 6 tasks)

Interactive Map
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Ore Veins
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Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
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Adjacent areas
Old Man
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You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter