Soul Event

Soul Event Header.png

General information

  • This events starts at December 6th and ends December 19th.
  • Minimum level to participate is level 30.


  • On the left of your screen you can find the event quest Ah-Yu's Plea

Ah-Yu's Plea.png

Upgrading your Soul

  • You can upgrade the souls by using Background.pngSoul Parchment.png Soul Parchment
  • During the event the parchemnt is available from Item Shop, and it also drops from metins and bosses.
  • If the upgrade fails, the Soul remains unchanged.
  • Once upgraded the Soul will have a new duration, the number of attacks and the play time will be reseted.

Soul Grade Oneiric Soul Celestial Soul Improve factor Attacks Play time Duration
Basic Oneiric Soul.pngOneiric Soul Celestial Soul.pngCelestial Soul 1.2 at 60 min. 500 attacks 1 hour 24 hours
Gleaming Gleaming Oneiric Soul.pngGleaming Oneiric Soul Gleaming Celestial Soul.pngGleaming Celestial Soul 1.5 at 60 min. 500 attacks 1 hour 24 hours
Lustrous Lustrous Oneiric Soul.pngLustrous Oneiric Soul Lustrous Celestial Soul.pngLustrous Celestial Soul 1.5 at 60 min.
1.8 at 120 min.
500 attacks 2 hours 2 days
Prismatic Prismatic Oneiric Soul.pngPrismatic Oneiric Soul Prismatic Celestial Soul.pngPrismatic Celestial Soul 1.5 at 60 min.
1.8 at 120 min.
2.5 at 180 min.
500 attacks 3 hours 3 days
Ilumined Ilumined Oneiric Soul.pngIlumined Oneiric Soul Ilumined Celestial Soul.pngIlumined Celestial Soul 1.5 at 60 min.
1.8 at 120 min.
2.5 at 180 min.
1000 attacks 3 hours 7 days

  • The Souls can't be used in PVP or while polymorphed
  • To activate the Soul, rigth-click on it, and a effect will appaear arround the feet of the character
Oneiric Soul active Celestial Soul active
Oneiric Soul active.gif Celestial Soul active.gif

  • In order to use the Souls, you have to "refill" the play time, this is done automatically when the character is online, so for example, a Soul with play time of 60 minutes, will be available, only after you have been online for 60 minutes.
  • Background.pngOneiric Soul.png Oneiric Soul Improves your attack on your normal hits.
  • Background.pngCelestial Soul.png Celestial Soul Improives the damage on your skills.