My In-Game Time

Well,it comes to say that i changed many characters during my play.When i first started,and that was right after the BETA time,i joined Jinno with a character named xXAmaiXx and reached about level 86 with decent money,skills and items only to be ruined by one stupid community manager (Exxo) who responded aggressively to a question of mine,in which i responded the same and way and one thing led to another with me being banned,and after a while deleting the whole account.So I left metin2 for a couple of weeks since i was upset about loosing that character with which i worked so much.And then i joined again with an archer this time,with the same name.Now i don't know what was going on,but apparently a guy named with this name was already a scammer and a hacker i believe.Anyways i couldn't stand the stupid private messages i was getting from people trying to win back their items from me,and i didn't reach much with this character either (first time archer I had no idea how to work with it)so i deleted this one as well.The same day i opened another archer ninja named Amai this time,and with not-so-much work i leveled him up to 40.That's where i met a girl named Firearcher-Chan who helped me by joining me to her guild.That actually helped me a lot since she did have knowledge about archers,and that proved to me the exact thing i needed (Didn't know about this wiki nor the forum yet at that time).So with her help i reached 45 in a short period of time,but then she left for some unknown reason,and I concentrated somewhere else leaving metin2 for a while.I came back and joined a guild named "TrueChamps" who's hospitality really was amazing.They helped me reach good things and for that i'm thankful.After reaching 52,"TrueChamps" was deleted and i intended to reach G skills at this level,all 3 of them.But did not reach that in A LONG time since i kept leaving and coming back,because of some personal issues in my own life.So i stayed 52 forever and ever and joined 2PAKMACKAVELLI with whom i went to wars a lot,improving the usage of my archer very much.After leaving 2PAK I just sold this archer,because frankly i got tired of the game and didn't want to play anymore.And so I did i stopped playing for months,until returning with a warrior playing like 30 minutes a day just trying my luck with Horse Medals.After the warrior a very good friend of mine gave me a Shaman whom i equipped pretty good but it's getting covered in dust,and only being used by one friend.I think i left the game permanently from boredom.

General Data
Nickname: Amai
Location: -
Gender: Male
Date of Birth 4th March 1994
Ingame Data

Forum Time

since i was pretty spamfull (not even a word -.-) on chats in-game,a friend introduced me to the forum of the server.I wasn't attracted that much here but after a while i got used with the people around there,and started spamming all over the forum.That i think gave me a name around there,and after once mentioning the word "Spambot" that became my nickname for a long time.People started calling me that because well,i got attached pretty much on that section of the board and i actually spammed and played at the same time.After reaching some kind of acknowledgement,for about 2 years,the people there nominated me for "Court Jester" of year 2011.I was pretty honored to be nominated that,and i was happy that people appreciated my annoying and stupid thoughts.Glad to say with the help of everyone i won that title,which i still hold until... i don't know when the next awards will be. I have had great times here,and i still enjoy reading posts,even tho i'm not active anymore,because i think Spamboard lost it's magic and people are showing too much love and care which i didn't do and neither did my friends. I can say spamboard has changed since the time i spammed,in my opinion for the bad,but since people are enjoying it i can only adapt.