General Data
Nickname Jae
Position Wiki Admin'
Location United States
Date of Birth: 22nd August 1988
IRC: Jae
Ingame Data
Server: Corum UK
Kingdom: Shinsoo
Character: Ninja (Archer)
Level: 78
Guild: IRIS
Ingame Image

About Jae (the Character)

I started playing Metin-2 in August 2008, with the Character Jae an Archery Ninja, and pride myself on being one of the few Archery Ninjas who play the character full time without hunters/farmers. There was a point whereby i was actually going to change to a Dagger Ninja, though whilst in map2 i saw 'Sorrah' and thought archers we're pretty cool, which made me stay an archer. While I'm not the best Archery Ninja in-game (or even in Shinsoo), i think amongst our small and exclusive community my name is known and won't be easily forgotten :p

Guild wise, early into my time running around reckless in Shinsoo i had an invite to Soul Reapers which i was a member of for 8 or so days, before going solo again for a while then settling into xVendetta which i was happy to stay in. Unfortunately, the guild leader decided to quit and thus disbanded the guild so I then ended up in BalkanUnited with my then husband. I'd remain in this guild for quite a while and was happy in there (even though i wasn't Balkan), until problems arose with my marriage which caused me to leave BalkanUnited. During the time of this incident, which involved the loss of valuable items, I was coaxed into Explosion (at that time one of the Super Guilds in Shinsoo) through some confusion. Though being quite insignificant in the guild, it was fun and interesting for the most part while it lasted, though the clash of big egos in the guild was a recipe for disaster IMHO and true to life started to fall apart. This would then find me in the warm embrace of IRIS, which funnily enough had some of the players i looked up to as a n00b player (Sorrah, lilucky). I do believe i will I'll remain in the guild until Metin-2 UK's service life comes to an end.

About Jade (the Player)

I was born in San Diego, California where i lived until i was 14 before moving to Miami, Florida with my older brother and younger sister. I'm a maths nerd, which i guess people find 'odd' about me, but that's one thing that i'm good at. I'm also guilty of talking a lot (even typing lol) which is why I think it was a conscious decision to join the wiki-team (joined 28th May '09) where i could type away, edit and be the perfectionist i am to my hearts content. All that taken into consideration though, i'm a super relaxed, chilled person and i don't take things too seriously and i like to laugh. Though when things do get out of hand be sure I will 'check' you about it.

Fun Facts

  • Jae has never made a +9 item, highest was +8
  • Jade has an older brother and a younger sister who's names also begin with a "J"
  • Horse is called Alfonso or 'Alfie'