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Good editing of template "Guild's NPCs - Sol", I was so lazy for it and I am glad when I see that somebody normal improves my old toys :) .
Have a two small questions: whats with my friend Vaetir and could you repair a wiki-team on main page?
First thing is interesting for me and second only looks strange...


Hi Sarevok,
Vaetir has left the Metin2 team a long time ago.
I can't edit the wiki-team on Main Page. This template is protected. Only users with administrator, moderator or Metin2Guide rights can edit this template.
• • Crazypaul (Talk) 17:38, 29 September 2014 (CEST)

Hm, lose Vae and his brain is bad. Today I checked permissions on wiki in my country and he changed his permissions, now he is only normal user... He was too normal - good behaviour man from Austria, modest and non-egoistic (amazing attribute).
Second thing is not interesting, people only laugh.

Thanks for your answers