Yongbi Desert

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Yongbi Desert
The Yongbi Desert usually refered as Desert. In this map you meet on natures/opponents like for example Spiders, Deserts Flying Eye, Scorpions and also a Giant Tortoise!

In the lower part the map you have access to Spiders Dungeon and the Spiders Dungeon 2, as well as the Snakefield 1 and 2

Interactive Map
BakraBokjungCastle GateCastle GateSangsun DongTeleporterCastle GateJungsun DongSnakefieldYayangSpiders DungeonYongbi Desert Interactive Map.png
Ore Veins

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
Yongbi-desert 2.jpg Yongbi Desert Metin.jpg
Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man