Dragon Marks

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With Dragon Marks (DM) can redeem special items from the item shop. Popular is e.g. the Blessing Scroll, the Magic Iron Ore and Concentrated Reading.

To get dragon marks, you must spend before Dragon Coins (DR), you must first buy with real money. The exchange rate is always 1:1. So if for example, 60 dragon coins buys something, you get exactly 60 Dragon Marks (DM) on his "account".

A new account now gets five dragon marks on the start, with which you can find can buy the Musk Oil for the Level 4 Quest.

Item overview:

Item Price
Dragon God Attack 299 DM
Dragon God Intelligence 240 DM
Dragon God Defence 319 DM
Dragon God Life 299 DM
Piercing Strike 480 DM
Concentrated Reading 599 DM
Critical Strike 420 DM
Magic Iron Ore 666 DM
Magic Copper Ore 849 DM
Musk Oil 1 DM
Blessing Scroll 720 DM