Ring of Deadly Power

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Ring of Deadly Power

Ring of Deadly Power.png
Ring of Deadly Power.png
Ring of Deadly Power
Gives you 7 days +30% EXP, +20% defense chance against Sura, +20% defense chance against shamans, +20% defense chance against lycan, +30% strength against monsters, +10% Maximum HP +10% and maximum MP.

For 7 days (168 hours) gives the following bonuses:

    • 30% more EXP
    • Defense ​vs Sura + ​20% ​
    • Defense vs Shaman +​20% ​
    • Defense vs Lycan +​20% ​
    • Strong vs Monster ​+30%
    • Max HP +​10%
    • Max MP +​10%

This item is not used in quests.

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo

Its effect activates immediately after purchase and cannot be deactivated.
CAN'T be used together with Background.pngRing of Will Power.png Ring of Will Power

When equiped activates animation
Ring of Lethal Power Animation.jpg

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