Zodiac Apocalypse


Zodiac Apocalypse UI.png
  • For characters level 40 and above
  • Go to Zodiac Temple
  • You can access by clicking the event button on the top right corner of your screen.

Event Button.png, select the Zodiac Apocalypse, And pressing the button to enter Apocalypse enter button.png on the UI

  • You need 6 Animashperes to enter
  • The goal is to defeat the Zodiac Guardians
  • Blue Dungeon for players under level 81
  • Red Dungeon for players above level 81
  • 5 Rounds per day
  • 12 Zodiac Giardians per round
  • The low ranked monster do not give points but they increase the Guardian's defense and attack
  • Round Ends when all Guardians are defeated
  • You receive 1 Apocalypse Point for HP points you take from the boss
  • After the daily 5 rounds are over you receive a reward, the daily Apocalypse poits are reseted and your daily points added to your Doomsday Score

Dayly Rewards

The daily reward is Background.pngGlimmerstone Bag.png Glimmerstone Bag , the ammount of Background.pngGlimmerstone.png Glimmerstones is dependant on the ammount of points done in the daily rounds
Rewards are delivered through the ingame Mail

Doomsday Score

The highscore running for the complete event can be seen on the Event UI and at the end of the event there will be extra Background.pngGlimmerstone.png Glimmerstones for the players in the ranking
Rewards are delivered through the ingame Mail