Aura Outfit System

Aura Outfit has been introduced in version 19.4. The principle of the outfit is the same of the Shoulder Sash: it will destroy any bracelet, necklace, earring or shield and absorb a certain % of every of their bonus. The outfit will occupy the slot number [5] of the costume tab (see image).

Costumes interface

How to obtain it

There are currently two ways to obtain an outfit: the first one is to craft it by Baek-Go with the following materials:

The success chance is 20%.

Otherwise it can sometimes be found on the item shop or during auctions.

Bonus of the Aura Outfit

The outfit will absorb every single bonus of a bracelet, necklace, earring or shield. As for the sash the used item will be destroyed. The absorb percentage will depend on the quality of the outfit. Higher quality, higher percentage.

The obtained bonus will always be rounded down in case of decimals except if the percentage would be less than 1%. In that case it will be rounded up to 1%. Bonus like Defence against blackout will always be fully absorbed. As explained later, an outfit can be improved. In case of improvement after the bonuses absorption, the bonuses will change according to the new percentage and will always be based on the destroyed item. To absorb the bonuses from an item one need to talk with Theowahdan and click on Aura Outfit: Transmit values. This will open the following tab:

Aura outfit transmit values.PNG

  • The item that will be absorbed goes into the slot number [1].
  • The empty Aura Outfit goes into the slot number [2].
  • Into the slot number [4] there will appear the preview of the bonused Aura Outfit.
  • Press "Ok" to transfer bonuses.
  • The item in slot [1] will be destroyed. This action can't be undone!.

Currently there are no ways to remove the bonuses from an Aura Outfit.

Upgrade of the Aura Outfit

The Aura Outfit has 6 stages and 250 level. The first stage has 49 level, all other stages except the last one have 50 levels as suggested in the following chart:

Stage Level
Ordinary 1-49
Simple 50-99
Precious 100-149
Sparkling 150-199
Sumptuous 200-249
Brilliant 250

Level upgrade

The level can be improved using Aura Ice Rune and Aura Fire Rune. Every rune supply a certain amount of exp:

Selecting Aura Outfit: Improvement by Theowahdan it will be possible to transform runes in experience for the outfit. Every level requires a fix amount of experience based on the stage of the outfit:

Stage Experience needed for each level
Ordinary 1.000
Simple 2.000
Precious 4.000
Sparkling 8.000
Sumptuous 16.000

Once enough experience is gathered the level will increase of 1 and absorption percentage of 0.1%. The maximum percentage of the outfit is 25%.

Stage upgrade

Every 50 levels (except the first time 49) it is possibile to upgrade the stage of the Aura Outfit. To do so click on Aura Outfit: Evolution. Every stage upgrade requires differents item and an amount of Yang as listed below:

Stage Materials Yang
Simple Background.pngAgate.png Agate (x10) 5.000.000
Precious Background.pngRegular Chaos Stone.png Regular Chaos Stone (x10) 5.000.000
Sparkling Background.pngIntermediate Chaos Stone.png Intermediate Chaos Stone (x10) 5.000.000
Sumptuous Background.pngEpic Chaos Stone.png Epic Chaos Stone (x10) 8.000.000
Brilliant Background.pngEpic Chaos Stone.png Epic Chaos Stone (x20) 10.000.000

This upgrade cannot fail!


The names of the stages except "Ordinary" have been literally translated from another language. The english names might be different.