Aura of the Sword

All values are recorded on Level 105, WITHOUT equipment and with maximal Character Status – VIT: 90; INT: 13; STR: 90; DEX: 90!
Facts and values
Skill names:

Normal: Aura of the Sword
Master: Spiritual Sword
Grand Master: Phantom Sword

Character's class:


Skill type:



Increases Attack Power for a period of time.

Level: Aura of the Sword.png
Aura of the Sword-M.png
Master 1:
Aura of the Sword-G.png
Grand Master 1:
Aura of the Sword-P.png
Perfect Master:
Attack Power +25 +252 +414 +631
Cooldown 35 58 74 95
Duration 32 55 71 92
SB Required 110 200 264 350
This skill is strengthened by:

Strength (++)

In-Game description:

Increases Attack Power

Aura of the Sword practically:


Aura of the Sword in action:

Aura of the Sword-Levels.jpg