Christmas Event (2015)

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Christmas Event 2015

The event starts on 26.11.2015 and ends 07.01.2016 While the event is activated, Santa Claus will be present in the first village of every kingdom, also the Christmas Tree in every village for decoration purposes only. If you speak with him, you will be able to receive the Background.pngMulled Wine.png Mulled Wine and the Background.png22px Bambi Seal

You can get the Background.pngMulled Wine.png Mulled Wine, once every 24 hours. Santa Claus will give you 1 package of 6 Background.pngMulled Wine.png Mulled Wine each time. It works like a potion, it lasts 30 minutes and give 10% movement bonus, 5% damage, 10% experience bonus, the effect ends when player dies If you do not use the Mulled Wine it will disappear after 20 hours.

Once a day, when you activate the Santa Claus will give you a new companion: the Bambi. The Bambi lasts 2 hours, it gives +1500 HP and 15% Damage, while activated you can drop Background.pngSock (new).png Sock (new), if you deliver 5x Background.pngSock (new).png Sock (new) to Santa Claus he will give you Background.pngChristmas Chest.png Christmas Chest, this is only possible once per day.

New in this year: Okey Card Game During these events you can drop Background.pngOkey Collectable Card.png Okey Collectable Card as Alternative Drop from all Monsters and you can buy Boxes in Item-Shop to receive Cards. If you have collected 24 Cards, then you receive a Background.pngOkey Card Set.png Okey Card Set. With this Set you can play this Card Game.

All times are CET.

Available on the Item Shop:

  • Weaponskins:
Background.pngCandy Cane Bell.png Candy Cane Bell
Background.pngCandy Cane Blade.png
Candy Cane Blade
Background.pngCandy Cane Dagger.png Candy Cane Dagger
Background.pngElven Bow.png
Elven Bow
Background.pngFrosty Fan.png Frosty Fan
Background.pngGingerbread Glaive.png
Gingerbread Glaive
Background.pngRudolph Claws.png Rudolph Claws

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