Combat Zone


Combat Zone
The Combat Zone is a map available from level 50, where players can take full advantage of the PvP functionality of Metin2, sneaking in a kind of "all vs all."

By killing other players, your character will earn Battle Points, with which will get prizes and appear in a special weekly ranking system.

'Conditions of entry and exit'

  • The entrance to the map may be requested by the flashing button in the corner of the minimap in the top right
  • There is no fee for entry
  • You cannot request access to the Combat Zone in a dungeon
  • You can access the map only during the specified opening times
  • Within the zone, the spawn point is determined at random
  • Exiting the map can be requested by using the interface
  • If the player that requested to exit the map has earned points, they cannot exit the map instantly. Instead an exit timer is started with certain restrictions:
    • The player must survive for 10 minutes
    • All opponents will be notified in the chat of the player's intention to leave
    • The player suffers a reduction to their Movement Speed
    • The player's position is clearly visible on the minimap with a special visual effect above the character's head

  • Exit requests cannot be cancelled unless the player dies, thereby losing the Battle Points earned
  • When exiting the map, players are teleported to the first village of their own kingdom

'Features of the map'

  • In the Combat Zone you will not see the name, the kingdom or the guild of your opponents
  • You are not allowed to open private shops in this zone
  • Once inside, the PvP mode is always set to Free; however, there are positive or negative consequences depending on Rank
  • You cannot use any items that allow teleportation
  • Once killed, a player can decide to be reborn on site or in the city
    • Restart Here: the player will respawn on the same spot
    • Restart City: the player will respawn at random map coordinates
  • Restarting the client (whether intentional or not) will result in the player exiting to map1 of their kingdom and losing all their Battle Points

'How it works'

  • For killing an opponent in the Combat Zone, players gain 2 points
  • If the player dies, they automatically lose all Battle Points earned so far

1st Place Medal

    • The waiting time for restart is' 10 seconds ', which increases by 5 seconds whenever the character is killed within the map, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. This time is reset to the base value when the player completes the exit procedure from the map
2nd Place Medal
    • If you want to restart faster, you can take advantage of the single-use item Background.pngReincarnation.png Reincarnation, collectible through Battle Points
  • Battle Points can be used to buy items from the NPC and, moreover, they serve as a ranking among all players
    • The score amassed is renewed daily at midnight
    • The weekly score is reset at midnight every seven days
  • A coat of arms with the rank (1st, 2nd and 3rd) is awarded for the three top weekly scores
    3rd Place Medal

'Repeatable Mission'

Interactive Map
No metins available on this map
No monsters available on this map
No NPC's available on this map
Ore Veins

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
No image available for Monsters distribution. No image available for metin spawn areas.
Adjacent areas
Old Man
No adjacent areas to this map
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Teleporter