Demon Tower

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FlagNeutral.png Demon Tower
Demon Tower, or as players often shorten it to DT, is the first dungeon players can enter. It is accessible from level 40 on and only if you talk to the Demon Tower Guard in Hwang Temple. If you are level 60 or higher, you can teleport to the entrance of Demon Tower if you talk with Teleporter.

It has 9 floors and each floor has a different task to complete to the next floor. Take note that some floors have a time limit.
If you want to leave on the first floor, you have to logout and back in and you are back in Hwang Temple. If you want to leave while you are running, either logout or press 'restart city' when you die. If you do press on 'restart city', you will be teleported to your home town.

  • First floor (ground floor)

When you enter the Demon Tower, your first task is to destroy the Metin of Toughness, which is located on the opposite place to the entrance. When you destroy it, all players on that floor are coming with you.

  • Second floor

Kill all monsters to proceed. Be aware that from now on all monsters are aggressive.

  • Third floor
Kill all monsters to proceed. Watch out for the boss .

  • Fourth floor

Destroy the Metin of Devil. Once destroyed, a 15-minute counter will start. 7 Metin of Fall appears and one of them is the correct Metin to proceed to the next floor.

  • Fifth floor
Eliminate monsters and grab the Background.pngKey Stone.png Key Stone and put it to . Each wave approximately drops one Key Stone. Allowed time on this floor is 20 minutes.

Tip: The most southern point of this map is considered a "safe zone" due to the low presence of monsters. This is a good spot for players who are not strong enough.

  • Sixth floor
Kill all monsters to proceed. Watch out for the boss . When the boss is killed, a Demon Tower Blacksmith will appear and players can upgrade their equipment without Upgrade Items cost.

Note: If you kill the boss before anything else, all Vile monsters will turn to Brutal monsters!

  • Seventh floor

In order to get to this floor, a player above level 75 must talk to the Blacksmith on floor 6. Only then will all players on that floor move to this floor. Your aim on this floor is to destroy all Metin of Death. Once destroyed, monsters will appear along with Metin of Murder. Once destroyed, it drops an Background.pngIron Box.png Unknown Old Chest. Open the chest and it either contains nothing or a Background.pngZin-Ga-Gui Tower Map.png Zin-Ga-Gui Tower Map. Click on this item to proceed to the next floor.

Note: The Metin of Murder will respawn everytime for as long as the Tower Map didn't drop.

Note 2: The Metin of Murder on this floor is a favorite farming place, since it also drops Skill Books, Soul Stones and more.

  • Eighth floor
Eliminate the monsters and get hold of the Background.pngBong-In Key.png Zin-Bong-In Key. They also drop a lot of fake Background.pngBong-In Key.png Bong-In Key. Put the Zin-Bong-In Key to the and you will proceed to the last floor.

  • Ninth floor
On the final floor your objective is to eliminate . Watch out for all the other monsters appearing here. When you killed the boss, you will be teleported to the entrance shortly after.
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Monsters Distribution
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Old Man
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