Hwang Temple

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FlagNeutral.png Hwang Temple
The Hwang-Temple, often referred to as the Dark Temple, the most esoteric and various abstract beings call it home. In it's middle there's the Demon Tower and it's Guardian (Admission from level 40). All small squares are referred to as levels! The temple has a total of 11 levels and a large plain with Frogs.
Interactive Map
Lee ChungPoisoned SoldierCatacomb GuardGum MemorialDemon Tower GuardTeleporterCastle GateValley of SeungryongHwang Temple Interactive Map.png
No metins available on this map
Ore Veins

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
No image available for Monsters distribution. No image available for metin spawn areas.
Adjacent areas
Old Man
You cannot reach this area via the Old Man