Valley of Seungryong

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FlagNeutral.png Valley of Seungryong
The Valley of Seungryong is often the third map, after map1 and map2, for players to level up. It is also a common place for beginners to farm on particular islands. For example the bottom left island where Chief Esoteric Arahan can drop a Red Iron Blade. The center island spawning Metin of Shadow for Soul Stones. For training purposes, the common place is "BO Blue", which is short for "Black Orc Blue" that is located on the center island on the Jinno side. You can craft epic items at Seon-Pyeong. Also Koe-Pung can grant you access to Grotto of Exile when you are at least level 75 and provide him a Blood Stone.
Interactive Map
YonganCastle GateCastle GateSeul Rong Stone MemorialJoanGinseng CollectorHwang TempleTeleporterCastle GatePyungmooSeon-PyeongKoe-PungValley of Seungryong Interactive Map.png
Ore Veins

Other Information
Monsters Distribution
Metins spawn areas
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Adjacent areas
Old Man
Can be reached via Old Man in:
From level 1:
Can be reached via Teleporter in:
From level 10:
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