Easter Event (2011)

The 2011 Easter Event took started April 21st 2011 and ended April 26th

In Game

Easter Eggs.jpg

During the Easter Event, Background.pngEaster Egg.png Easter Egg drop as Alternative Drop, this means, any mob, within your level range can drop the Background.pngEaster Egg.png Easter Egg.

Easter Bunny.png

You can take the eggs to Easter Bunny and trade them for items, click here for full list of items possible to get from the eggs.

Easter Metin.png

Also during the event, special Easter Metin Stones spawned across the maps, these metins range from level 10 to 95, click here for the full list of metins, spawn locations and possible drops.

During the 2011 Event the Easter Metin Stones dropped Background.pngBasket with Easter Eggs.png Basket with Easter Eggs with an assortment of diferent items inside

Item Shop

On item shop, during the Easter Event of 2011 you can find

Background.pngEmpty Basket.png Empty Basket

Background.pngEmpty Basket.png Empty Basket could be combined with :Background.pngEaster Egg.png Easter Egg to make :Background.pngBasket with Easter Eggs.png Basket with Easter Eggs

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