Easter Metin Stones

What are the Easter Metin Stones?

Easter Metins Stones are spawned automatically during the Easter Event
All the Easter Metin Stones look the same, and have the same drops, but they have different levels and will spawn different mobs according to the level.

What do they drop?

Easter Metin Stones can drop:

Background.pngMagic Egg.png Magic Egg
Background.pngSoul Stone.png Soul Stone
Background.pngEaster Egg.png Easter Egg

2011 Event

During the 2011 Easter Event these metins dropped Background.pngBasket with Easter Eggs.png Basket with Easter Eggs

How do they spawn?

Easter Metin Stones behave like normal Metin Stones

Old Events

During the previous version of the event the spawn rate if the metins was related to the involvment of players on the event

Talk to the Easter Bunny
Trade in Easter Egg
Destroy Easter Metin Stones
Spawned metin level depends on player level
Search different areas

Spawn Locations

Level Image Name Old Spawn areas New Spawn Areas (after 2014)
10 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Joan, Pyungmoo, Yongan, Snakefield, Imha, Jungrang, Waryong Joan, Pyungmoo, Yongan
20 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Waryong, Imha, Jungrang, Hasun Dong Joan, Pyungmoo, Yongan, Jayang, Bakra, Bokjung
30 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Bakra, Bokjung, Jayang, Jungsun Dong, Imha, Jungrang, Waryong, Yongbi Desert, Valley of Seungryong Jayang, Bakra, Bokjung, Valley of Seungryong
40 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Jungsun Dong, Yongbi Desert Yongbi Desert, Hwang Temple, Valley of Seungryong
50 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Jungsun Dong, Sangsun Dong, Valley of Seungryong, Yongbi Desert Yongbi Desert, Valley of Seungryong, Mount Sohan, Hwang Temple, Doyyumhwan
60 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Ghost Forest, Sangsun Dong, Mount Sohan, Snakefield, Valley of Seungryong Ghost Forest, Mount Sohan, Snakefield, Valley of Seungryong, Doyyumhwan
70 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Mount Sohan, Ghost Forest, Snakefield, Land of Giants, Grotto of Exile, Spiders Dungeon 2, Doyyumhwan Snakefield, Ghost Forest, Mount Sohan, Land of Giants, Doyyumhwan, Red Forest
80 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Lungsam, Snakefield, Grotto of Exile Ghost Forest, Red Forest, Land of Giants
90 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Land of Giants, Red Wood Cape Dragon Fire, Nephrite Bay, Thunder Mountains, Guatama Cliff
95 Easter Metin.jpg Easter Metin Grotto of Exile V2, Land of Giants, Red Wood Cape Dragon Fire, Nephrite Bay, Thunder Mountains, Guatama Cliff