Experience Ring

Experience Ring

Experience Ring.png
Experience Ring.png
Experience Ring
A gloomy-looking ring that is worn by ancient heroes. You gain more experience when you wear it. Must always remain equipped.

You will receive 50% more experience for killing monsters for a specified time. Experience rewards from quests are not affected.


This item is not used in quests.

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
Nothing.pngNo Nothing.pngNo Nothing.pngNo Nothing.pngNo Nothing.pngNo Nothing.pngNo

  • The experience ring is activated by right clicking it.
  • The experience rings from wooden boxes can be removed,while the ones from metins cannot be removed.The time remaining diminishes only if the player IS online.
  • The experience ring from the item shop isn't activated through clicking it, but on the next login.
  • The item shop experience ring time elapses even if the player isn't online.
  • The item shop experience ring and the one from chests or boxes stack (meaning they can be used at the same time). The only exception to this is the experience ring recieved from Chief Orc chest.

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