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General information

Travelling by horse is by far a faster than going through the world of Metin on foot. To get a horse, you need to complete the Horsequest which can be started once you are level 25.

Horse Taming

Horse Taming Manual.jpg

The Horse Taming Manual increases the chance of successfully calling the horse.
There are ten different levels to the Call Horse skill.

Stage 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Chance 10% 15% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%


The horse must be fed from time to time, otherwise it will die. How often a horse needs to be fed depends on the level of the horse. The lower the level of the horse, the more often it needs to be fed. Different kinds of horses require different types of food:

Image Food for the horse Kind of horse
Hay.jpg Hay Normal horse
Carrot.jpg Carrot Combat horse
Red ginseng.jpg Red Ginseng Military horse

Reviving a dead Horse

The horse will die if you do not feed it when needed. If the horse is dead, you can revive it by using a specific herb. The herb needed is dependant on the kind of horse. These herbs are dropped by the Ape Lord in Hasun Dong, Jungsun Dong or Sangsun Dong. You have to go to the Stable Boy to use the herb to revive your horse. Depending on the kind of horse, you will need the following herb to revive it:

Image Kind of herb Kind of horse Discovery site
Herb of the light apes.jpg Herb of easy monkeys Normal horse Rock ape at Hasun Dong
Herb of the normal apes.jpg Herb of normal monkeys Combat horse Walking Ape at Jungsun Dong
Herb of the heavy apes.jpg Herb of hard monkeys Military horse Ape Lord at Sangsun Dong

Combinations of keys

You can use these combinations of keys in connection with the horse:

  • [Ctrl]+ B -> sends the horse away
  • [Ctrl]+ F -> feeds the horse
  • [Ctrl]+ H or [Ctrl] + G -> (dis)mount your horse

Horse sugar

You are able to name the horse with the Item Shop's Horse Sugar. The Horse Sugar costs 49 Dragon Coins and the horse will keep the name for 30 days. In addition, the defence of the horse will be increased by 20.

Kinds of horse and characteristics

There are 4 different kinds of horses:


You can also ride a horse before level 25. You can get a Riding Ticket from quests, hunting missions or buy it from the market place. With a [Horse Riding Ticket], you can get a Pony at the Stable boy, and ride it for 10 minutes, however only once an hour. It should be noted If you dismount from the Pony before the 10 minute, it will disappear also.

Beginner horse

Beginner horse
without Guild
Beginner horse
with Guild
Beginner horse
as Leader

The beginner horse is the simpelest horse. You can ride it, but you cannot use it for attacking or use special attacks. Obviously your horse needs food, so you can feed it with Hay. On the upper left side of your screen you can see a symbol. This will tell you if your horse is hungry (by the color, i.e amber for hungry, red for starving) and for how long you can ride it, untill it needs rest (when hovering your mouse over the symbol, you will see a percentage).

Combat horse

Combat horse
without Guild
Combat horse
with Giuld
Combat horse
as Leader

The combat horse is the advanced horse. You can use this horse in fights, but you cannot use any special attacks. The horse needs food, and you can feed it with Carrots. On the upper left side of your screen you can see a symbol. This will tell you if your horse is hungry (by the color, i.e amber for hungry, red for starving) and for how long you can ride it, untill it needs rest (when hovering your mouse over the symbol, you will see a percentage).


without Guild
with Guild
as Leader

The Military horse is the professional horse. You can use it in fights, and use special attacks. Some of these attacks are character and weapon specific, i.e Ninjas have Arrow Storm, however this skill is different when equipped with daggers/swords. The horse needs food, and you can feed it with [red ginseng]. On the upper left side of your screen you can see a symbol. This will tell you if your horse is hungry (by the color, i.e amber for hungry, red for starving) and for how long you can ride it, untill it needs rest (when hovering your mouse over the symbol, you will see a percentage).

The following skills can be learned, by reading Horse Riding Manuals:

  • Horseback Slash (from level 50): Ride a horse and attack the enemies.
  • Horse Stump (from level 52): Smash all enemies in the proximity.
  • Power Wave [from level 55): attack all enemies from your horse.
  • Arrow Storm: Shoot several arrows at your opponents! (only for Ninjas from lvl 50)


To attain a Horse and improve its qualities you have to do horsequests. You can get the horsequests from the Stable Boy, if you have a Horse Medal in your inventory.

Normal Horse

Requirement: Level 25
Horse Medal
100.000 Yang
Licence: Horseimage.jpg Horse image

When you reach level 25, you should go to the Beginner Monkey Dungeon where you can find a Horse Medal. All Apes drop these medals, but very rarely.

If you have a Horse Medal you can go to the Stable Boy to get the quest. You need to click on the button 'Information about horses' and afterwards the Stable Boy will ask you if you would like to have a horse. You will get a quest, and need to accept it. You will need to kill 20 Savage Archers in an half an hour (30 minutes), do confuse them with the Strong Savage Archers who look exactly the same, but is recognizable by the fact that they are a bit more reddish. In order not to lose allot of time moving around, you should scout out the area before to know the way, and have a Horse Riding Ticket to move to the correct places on the map swiftly. Talking to the Stable Boy in map 2 shortens the distance even more, so you won't lose time travelling. The quest is much easier, if you have someone else helping you. The people in your group helping you, can attack the other monsters while you kill the archers. Be careful that you need to kill the archers, otherwise it won't count! To make sure there are enough archers there for you to make the needed count, you can 'clean out' the area before starting the quest from other monster groups, so you will get a better respawn. Ideally, the people in your group can do that for you.

When you finish the quest, return to the Stable Boy. Your skill level to 'ride a horse' will be level 1 (you can check this by pressing 'V', just like with other skills like fishing). The Stable Boy will now give you a license, the Horse Picture, to be able to ride, but it will take some time. You then have to wait, until a scroll appears in the left side of your screen, telling you that the Horse Picture is ready. Normally this is the case after 12-14 hours. You can now go to the Stable Boy again. He will then give you your Horse Picture for 100.000 Yang, and tell you you can call your horse with it. Since the skill to call a horse is only on level 0, you only have a 10% chance to successfully call your horse, so be patient.

You cannot do anything with the Horse Picture alone. You MUST finish the quest at the Stable Boy and buy the Horse Picture at the Stable Boy for 100.000 Yang. Buying it in a shop at the marketplace DOES NOT WORK, even when you have successfully completed the quest, you cannot call the horse with a bought Horse Picture!!

Combat Horse

Requirement: Level 35
Horselevel 10
500.000 Yang
Licence: Weapon horse book.jpg Combat Horse Book

For the Combat Horse quest, you need to kill 100 Scorpion Archers or Snake Archers in 30 minutes. ( Both monsters can be killed. The Scorpion Archers are usually easier to kill. Monsters with the same name in the SD2 do not count!!

Since this is quite difficult to do alone, you will need some help. You need to be the group leader, so that all the killed mobs will count! The group should already be in the desert, when you are starting the quest at the Stable Boy. You can even wait at the Stable Boy until your group has killed all the mobs to finish the quest. If there are no archers on the map, kill the other mobs so that the archers spawn after. If you are not sure that you can make it in that time, prepare a part of the map by killing all the monsters apart from the archers before the quest starts.

Once the Quest is done, go to the Stable Boy and tell him so. The Stable Boy will now say that he will need to give you a Combat Horse Book, but again it will take some time before it's ready. A scroll will appear on the left side of the window, telling you that the Combat Horse Book is ready. Normally this is ready after 12-14 hours, but it can take longer. When you go back to the Stable Boy he will give you the Combat Horse Book for 500.000 Yang. The Combat Horse Book has the same function as the Horse Picture

You are now able to use your weapon from your horse, either by clicking on your opponent, or pressing the spacebar.

Military horse

Requirement: Level 50
Horselevel 20
1.000.000 Yang
Licence: Military horse book.jpg Military Horse Book

For the Military Horse quest you need to kill 300 Demon Archers within 30 minutes. The same rules apply as with the Combat Horse, i.e. you need to be the leader of the group so that the kills will be counted for you.

Once you have completed the quest, return to the Stable Boy. The Stable Boy will now tell you that he will give you a Military Horse Book, but it will again take one day before it is ready. One the Military Horse Book is ready, a scroll will appear in the left side of your screen, that tells you the Military Horse Book is ready. Usually it takes between 12-14 hours. The Stable Boy will then give you a Military Horse Book for 1.000.000 Yang. The Military Horse Book has the same function as the Combat Horse Book

You can now activate the horse skills, by reading the Horse Riding Manuals. The horse skills are called; Horseback Slash (Ride a horse and attack the enemies), Horse Stump (Smash all enemies in the proximity), Power Wave (level attack all enemies from your horse) and Arrow Storm (Shoot several arrows at your opponents! Ninja only)

Between quests

In order to level up ones horse the player must fulfil a quest provided by the Stable Boy in Map1 and Map2. For all players to take part in these quests you will need to provide a Horse Medal for each quest undertaken. Whether or not the Quests are successful or not is purely luck, though players have noted certain things 'may' affect results, though this is unproven. A Horse Medal will only be taken if the mission is successful, if you fail you can try it infinite times until you are, without loss of the medal for failing. There are circumstances which will instantly fail a horse mission, those being if you dismount your horse, or if you are killed whilst on your horse as this is also counted as dismounting. All quests are without time limits and and only limited by having to kill whilst mounted on the horse.

The purposes of raising the horses level is not only for its numerical value and looks, but also counts towards the horses food need and defense properties. For example, a fully fed horse at max level will survive for 10 months without being fed again. Whilst on the other hand a Pony will on level 1 will survive for 14 days.

Normal Horse

To improve your normal horse you must ride to the target points indicated in the Map

  • Lvl 2-6 on Map 1 (not the Stable Boy on Map2 ask)
  • Lvl 7-10 in a coincidentally selected neutral area, one can ask both Stable Boy on Map1 and Map2. One is then teleported into the target area. (Caution forwards attacking monsters and bosses, e.g. Giant Tortoise)

Combat Horse

For the Combat horse quests, one must kill certain monsters.

It gives with this quest NO time limit! There is a rumor that if a Quest should last over 30 minutes, the quest as futile is counted; this was extensively tested and found as WRONG!

Military horse

Lvl 22-30: Cannot be used in present version yet.

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