Lycans are formidable wolf creatures which were once infected by an incurable virus, losing their human forms and mutating into beasts.

Thanks to their unbridled power and heightened instincts they make exeptional close combat fighters.

Fearless in the face of conflict, they always seek out the front lines.





  • Instinct
Image Skill Description
Crimson Wolf Soul.png Crimson Wolf Soul Become possessed by the soul of the crimson wolf.
Indigo Wolf Soul.png Indigo Wolf Soul Increase the attack speed and evasion of your entire group.
Shred.png Shred Tear into your opponent with a powerful blow.
Wolf's Breath.png Wolf's Breath Attack your opponent with a deadly gust of air.
Wolf's Claw.png Wolf's Claw Shred your enemy's armour.
Wolf Pounce.png Wolf Pounce Attack your enemy in a leap attack.
Talon Storm.png Talon Storm
Wolf's Breath Boost.png Wolf's Breath Boost Increases the attack power of Wolf's Breath