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In Metin2 there are 5 classes or different kinds of characters:







Warrior Male.png Ninja Female.png Sura Male.png Shaman Male.png LycanMaleWithSash.png



Warriors are high-damage close-combat fighters.

They can wield a higher speed sword or higher damage two-handed blade.

Depending on their class, they can specialize in high defense (mental warrior) or high power and speed (body warrior).

Each class has its own set of unique skills to enhance this specialty.

Classes: Body, Mental

Icon warrior male.png Body Warrior Icon warrior female.png
Aura of the Sword.png Berserk.png Dash.png Sword Spin.png Three-Way Cut.png Life Force.png Unknown Ward.png Sword Spin Boost.png
Aura of the Sword Berserk Dash Sword Spin Three-Way Cut Life Force A selectable Ward Skill Sword Spin Boost

Icon warrior male.png Mental Warrior Icon warrior female.png
Bash.png Spirit Strike (W).png Strong Body.png Stump.png Sword Strike.png Sword Orb.png Unknown Ward.png Spirit Strike Boost.png
Bash Spirit Strike (W) Strong Body Stump Sword Strike Sword Orb A selectable Ward Skill Spirit Strike Boost

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Ninjas are professioanl killers that have the hability to attack silently from behind or from far away at any time.

Depending on the specializaton, ninjas can deal with daggers in close combat, or bow and arrows, with ranged attacks.

Each class has its own set of unique skills to enhance this specialty.

Classes: Blade-Fight, Archery

Icon ninja male.png Blade-Fight Ninja Icon ninja female.png
Ambush.png Fast Attack.png Rolling Dagger.png Stealth.png Poisonous Cloud.png Insidious Poison.png Unknown Ward.png Ambush Boost.png
Ambush Fast Attack Rolling Dagger Stealth Poisonous Cloud Insidious Poison A selectable Ward Skill Ambush Boost

Icon ninja male.png Archery Ninja Icon ninja female.png
Repetitive Shot.png Arrow Shower.png Fire Arrow.png Feather Walk.png Poison Arrow.png Spark.png Unknown Ward.png Fire Arrow Boost.png
Repetitive Shot Arrow Shower Fire Arrow Feather Walk Poison Arrow Spark A selectable Ward Skill Fire Arrow Boost

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Suras are fighters who received some magical powers when they agreed to let the seed of the devil raise in their arm.

So they are able to swirl the sword powerfully in close combat or to damage the enemy at a distance with magic.

Through specialization they can upgrade attack-spells or gain additional magic support.

Classes: Weaponry, Black Magic Sura

Icon sura male.png Weaponry Sura Icon sura female.png
Finger Strike.png Dragon Swirl.png Enchanted Blade.png Fear.png Enchanted Armour.png Dispel.png Unknown Ward.png Finger Strike Boost.png
Finger Strike Dragon Swirl Enchanted Blade Fear Enchanted Armour Dispel A selectable Ward Skill Finger Strike Boost

Icon sura male.png Black Magic Sura Icon sura female.png
Dark Strike.png Flame Strike.png Flame Spirit.png Dark Protection.png Spirit Strike (S).png Dark Orb.png Unknown Ward.png Dark Strike Boost.png
Dark Strike Flame Strike Flame Spirit Dark Protection Spirit Strike (S) Dark Orb A selectable Ward Skill Dark Strike Boost

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Shamans are blessed with wisdom of long and intensive studies, they use spells and magic during fights. Thereby their mystical skills do not only support themselves but also their fight partners.

As a result to their dedication, Shamans can increase the damage of attacks or upgrade their healing and support spells.

Classes: Dragon, Healing

Icon shaman male.png Dragon Shaman Icon shaman female.png
Flying Talisman.png Shooting Dragon.png Dragon's Roar.png Blessing.png Reflect.png Dragon's Strength.png Unknown Ward.png Shooting Dragon Boost.png
Flying Talisman Shooting Dragon Dragon's Roar Blessing Reflect Dragon's Strength A selectable Ward Skill Shooting Dragon Boost

Icon shaman male.png Healing Shaman Icon shaman female.png
Lightning Throw.png Summon Lightning.png Lightning Claw.png Cure.png Swiftness.png Attack Up.png Unknown Ward.png Summon Lightning Boost.png
Lightning Throw Summon Lightning Lightning Claw Cure Swiftness Attack Up A selectable Ward Skill Summon Lightning Boost

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Lycans are formidable wolf creatures which were once infected by an incurable virus, losing their human forms and mutating into beasts.

Thanks to their unbridled power and heightened instincts they make exeptional close combat fighters. Fearless in the face of conflict, they always seek out the front lines.

Classes: No sub classes on Lycans

Icon Lycan male.png Lycan Icon Lycan male.png
Shred.png Wolf's Breath.png Wolf Pounce.png Wolf's Claw.png Crimson Wolf Soul.png Indigo Wolf Soul.png Unknown Ward.png Wolf's Breath Boost.png
Shred Wolf's Breath Wolf Pounce Wolf's Claw Crimson Wolf Soul Indigo Wolf Soul A selectable Ward Skill Wolf's Breath Boost