Employing the wisdom archieve through long years of intense study, the Shamans use spells and magic to attack their foes.

Their mystical powers are also of great effect in supporting their allies.

Depending on their focus, Shamans can provide a boost to attacks, or instead choose to enhance individual healing and support spells.


In general, shamans value intelligence over all else because with more INT points, attack skill damage increases as well as the effect of most buffs and support skills. Vitality and dexterity are popular followers given their positive effect on survivability and overall power, respectively.

Of course, there are many variations of shaman builds depending on a player's specific preference in gameplay. Different builds serve different purposes whether it's pure PvM, pure PvP, support, or some hybrid of these roles.

Shaman Male.png


Shaman are unique in their weaponry, being the only class unable to wield a sword, but the only class that can hold a fan or bell.

to see a complete list of shaman weapons, see Shaman Weapons

The choice between using a fan or a bell in any given situation can be quite simple. Of course, the presence of stones and bonuses can greatly affect the effectiveness of one weapon over another, but in general, there are some simple choices to make.

  • In the case of PvM where the shaman is fighting on horseback (provided that the shaman has a war or military horse), the choice is exclusive to using a bell. There are a few reasons for this, the most obvious being that fans are simply ineffective on horseback. More importantly, bells generally have higher physical attack value than fans of equivalent level and quality.
  • Shaman can also excel at PvM on foot with a fan, especially with fast casting speed. Shaman can deal high damage quickly with successive spells, and can also buff easier while constantly fighting on foot.
  • Support shaman rely more on item bonuses than the items themselves, though if it is a support hybrid shaman that remains on foot, a fan may be preferred for the instances where the shaman is required to fight to defend his or herself.
  • For PvP, a fan is almost always preferred, given its higher magical attack value, which increases skill damage. (An exception to this rule is the bamboo bell which, at +9, has more magical attack value than any fan)


Shaman armour is called clothing, though players often still call shaman armour dresses, since female was the only available gender for shaman earlier in Metin2 history.

to see a complete list of shaman armor, see Shaman Armours

Sub Class

Once a shaman reaches level 5, he or she is able to choose between two unique subclasses with different skills. These two classes are Healing Force and Dragon Force.

to see a complete list of shaman skills for both subclasses, see Shaman skills below

Healing Force

Healing Force shamans are characterized by their most valuable skill from which their name comes: cure, the skill that restores hp and has a chance to cure negative effects. The effectiveness of this skill is based on the level of that skill and the shaman's magic attack power, rather than just intelligence. Besides the unique ability to heal his or herself and allies, healer shaman are known for their quick cooldown and speed from their swiftness skill, which is only affected by skill level, and not by intelligence or magic attack power. The combination of self-healing, swift moving and casting speed, and a set of fast attack spells make healer shaman very formidable opponents in PvP or can allow for some impressive PvM options as well.

Dragon Force

Dragon Force shaman are most in demand for their ability to buff allies with game-enhancing stats such as high chance of critical hits and resistance to physical attacks. The effectiveness of the buff skills are dependent on skill level and intelligence only. As such, a low level weapon with an intelligence bonus will cast a better buff than a higher level weapon without an intelligence bonus. However, dragon shaman also have powerful offensive skills with the ability to cause lasting fire damage and with wide areas of splash attack well suited for PvM and can be useful in PvP as well. To round out the dragon shaman skill set is a fast, long distance attack similar to that of the healer shaman. Dragon shaman do quite well with hybrid builds of both PvM and PvP, but can choose skill sets that are focused on one or the other.

With the right skills, build, and equipment, a patient player can make a shaman character as successful as any other class in whatever style of gameplay they prefer.

Shaman Skills

Dragon Force
Image Skill Description
Blessing.png Blessing Creates a protective circle.
Dragon's Roar.png Dragon's Roar Attack enemies with a dragon figure.
Dragon's Strength.png Dragon's Strength Strengthens you or group member's attack.
Flying Talisman.png Flying Talisman Throw a talisman to damage enemies.
Reflect.png Reflect Creates a protective reflecting circle.
Shooting Dragon.png Shooting Dragon Shoot a dragon figure to attack enemies directly.
Meteor.png Meteor Summons a meteor from the sky.
Shooting Dragon Boost.png Shooting Dragon Boost Increases the attack power of Shooting Dragon.

Healing Force
Image Skill Description
Attack Up.png Attack Up Strengthen a partner.
Cure.png Cure Heal wounds with the aid of light.
Lightning Claw.png Lightning Claw Summon a thunderbolt to your fist.
Lightning Throw.png Lightning Throw Attack with thunderbolts.
Summon Lightning.png Summon Lightning Summon thunderbolts.
Swiftness.png Swiftness Run as fast as the wind.
Aether Ward.png Aether Ward Protects party members against damage every 12 seconds.
Summon Lightning Boost.png Summon Lightning Boost Increases the attack power of Summon Lightning.