Ninjas are professional killers, capable of carrying out silent and deadly attacks from their ambush.

To maximize their speed and agility, these shadowy assassins of the night wear only the lightest armour, so as not to hinder their fleet and fluid movements.

Depending on their particular areas of expertise, Ninjas can use their mastery of the dagger in close quarters, or wield a biw abd arror from distance.

Ninja Female.png


Starting Stats:
VIT: 3 - INT: 3
STR: 4 - DEX: 6

Bow-Ninja skill (Suggestion):

Blade-Ninja skill (Suggestion):

Sub Class

Players can choose from the "Blade-Fight Force" or the "Archery Force" subclass after they reach level 5:
Blade-Fight Force skills focus primarily on stealth and precise melee attacks.
Archery Force skills focus primarily in range attacks using a bow.

Ninja Skills

Image Skill Description
Arrow Shower.png Arrow Shower Shoot several arrows at several enemies.
Feather Walk.png Feather Walk Make your body lighter to increase moving speed.
Fire Arrow.png Fire Arrow Ignite the arrow.
Poison Arrow.png Poison Arrow Coat the arrow with powerful poison.
Repetitive Shot.png Repetitive Shot Shoot several arrows at an enemy.
Spark.png Spark Inflict damage on your opponent with a beam of light.
Storm Shot.png Storm Shot
Fire Arrow Boost.png Fire Arrow Boost Increases the attack power of Fire Arrow.

Image Skill Description
Ambush.png Ambush Ambush your enemy.
Fast Attack.png Fast Attack Approach an enemy fast and make a deadly attack.
Poisonous Cloud.png Poisonous Cloud Make poisonous clouds around the enemy and intoxicate them.
Rolling Dagger.png Rolling Dagger Whirl around enemies with a dagger.
Stealth.png Stealth You can hide yourself.
Insidious Poison.png Insidious Poison Before the attack you temporarily disappear.
Astral Light.png Astral Light
Ambush Boost.png Ambush Boost Increases the attack power of Ambush.