Rolling Dagger

All values are recorded on Level 105, WITHOUT equipment and with maximal Character Status – VIT: 90; INT: 13; STR: 90; DEX: 90!
Facts and values
Skill names:

Normal: Rolling Dagger
Master: Spinning Dagger
Grand Master: Dancing Dagger

Character's class:


Skill type:

Physical Attack


Whirl around enemies with a dagger.

Level: Rolling Dagger.png
Rolling Dagger-M.png
Master 1:
Rolling Dagger-G.png
Grand Master 1:
Rolling Dagger-P.png
Perfect Master:
Attack Value 861–861 1597–1597 2120–2120 2823–2823
Toxication Chance 1% 3% 4% 6%
Cooldown 25 25 25 25
SB Required 57 120 164 225
This skill is strengthened by:

Dexterity (++), Strength (+)

In-Game description:

Splash Attack
Lasting Poison Attack

Rolling Dagger practically:

1. Causing multiple damages: hit down the enemy (7th hit will knock down), then all of a sudden use the rolling dagger skill. Simple hit will not hurt too much - you'll hit the enemy only once -, but using the rolling dagger right after the enemy is on the floor, you'll cause 3-4 times more damage: you'll push the enemy before yourself by the rolling skill and causing the very same damage after each rollings.
2. Hitting the mob: count out the right direction and target the farest enemy. Now run onward and when you almost touch the nearest enemy, use the skill. You'll cause damage to each enemies in line.
3. You got a low chance the enemy get poisoned. Try not to count with this at the over all battle - unless the enemy mob/character is very strong -, as it got a very low chance percent (e.g. at M5 you'll have like 3% chance, only!). However, poison can deal with the enemy even if it got many health and armor points, can decide the battle (especially in PvP if you both agree you will not use health potions ;).
4. Reloading time is quite long, so right after you used the skill, maybe you shall run around to get mor health point and await some other skills to reload.
5. Use auto-attack (click the sword icon and set to the Auto-sword), it'll help you to target the enemy properly every time you want to use the skill (otherwise you'll roll to the direction you've clicked, you can miss the enemy quite easily).

Rolling Dagger in action:

Rolling Dagger-Levels.jpg