The Sura is a fighter who came in possession of magic forces when they agreed to let the devil seed grow in their arm. Therefor they are able to swing swords in close combat skilfully, or attack from a distance with black magic.

By specialisation they improve either attack magic or acquire additional strengthening magic.


If you are wanting a PvP (player versus player) machine then you will want to go with the Black Magic Sura. However, for those of you who want a PvM (player versus monster) machine, that requires a Weapon-Sura.

Sura Male.png

Status build suggestions

Weapon-Sura skill (Suggestion):


Magic-Sura skill (Suggestion):



Weaponry And Black Magic Sura

Sura skills

Black Magic
Image Skill Description
Dark Orb.png Dark Orb Throw Dark Orbs to damage enemies.
Dark Protection.png Dark Protection Protects you with the Dark Force and converts physical damage into SP.
Dark Strike.png Dark Strike Throw the Dark Force to damage enemies.
Flame Spirit.png Flame Spirit Call a Flame Spirit.
Flame Strike.png Flame Strike Burn enemies with an explosion.
Spirit Strike (S).png Spirit Strike (S) Throw Dark Spirits to damage enemies.

Image Skill Description
Dispel.png Dispel Remove all opponent's supporting effects.
Dragon Swirl.png Dragon Swirl Create a strong tornado to defeat several enemies.
Enchanted Armour.png Enchanted Armour Protect your body with dark armour.
Enchanted Blade.png Enchanted Blade Endow your blade with a powerful ghost.
Fear.png Fear Weakens the enemies abilities.
Finger Strike.png Finger Strike Cause a big explosion with your fingertips.