Monk Milbon

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Monk Milbon

Monk Milbon.png

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Zodiac Temple:



    • On the NPC dialogue options, you can access the zodiac table
    • For example, you have 50xBackground.pngYou Insignia.png You Insignia and 50xBackground.pngXin Insignia.png Xin Insignia you will be able to check a box on the table, as the image below shows.

    You will be asked if you want to tick the checkbox, selecting Yes for ticking, the 100 insignias will disappear from the inventory.Zodiac Temple Tick Box.png.

    Zodiac Table 1.png

    • If you tick all green boxes in the Zodiac table, you can get Background.pngAventurine Treasure.png Aventurine Treasure by clicking the Aventurine Treasure Button.png

    Zodiac Table 2.png

    • If you tick all yellow boxes in the Zodiac table, you can get Background.pngAureolin Treasure.png Aureolin Treasure by clicking the Aureolin Treasure Button.png

    Zodiac Table 3.png

    • If you tick all yellow and green boxes in the Zodiac table, you can get Background.pngAstral Treasure.png Astral Treasure by clicking the Astral Treasure Button.png
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