Name Changer

Name Changer

Name Changer.png
Name Changer.png
Name Changer
This item has no description.
  • Using the Name Changer you can give your selected character a new name after the next maintenance.

This item is not used in quests.

Tradable Dropable Storable Stackable
NPC Trade Window Private Shop
No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo No.pngNo

  • Note: This ticket is only valid for the currently selected character. Changing this retrospectively is not possible, so make sure before purchasing that you've selected the correct name in the shop's character selection.

  • Renaming characters isn't possible if:
  • You still have an open character transfer (Globetrotter Ticket)
  • You still have an open character name change (Name Changer)

  • Further notes:
  • The deletion of your friend list follows automatically.
  • On first logging in with your character after the server maintenance, you will be asked to enter a new name.

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