Ramadan Event(2020)

Ramadan (2020) Header.png

During the event mobs will drop Background.pngBread.png Bread as Alternative Drop.

Deliver 10x Background.pngBread.png Bread to

to receive Background.pngSweets.png Sweets that gives 10% Movement speed, 10% EXP and +5%damage for 30 minutes

10x Background.pngBread.png Bread can be merged with Background.pngDonation Plate.png Donation Plate to receive a Background.pngFood Donation.png Food Donation which can be given to the

who will give you a Background.pngBlessing Chest.png Blessing Chest in exchange. This box can contain:

Second part of the event "starts" on 24.05. and ends on 27.05.
Second part means: throughout the whole event the Historian will also give Background.pngBlessing Fruit.png Blessing Fruit to the player. One a day. In the 3 days the option is active the Historian will exchange the fruit for a Background.pngPolar Predator Seal.png Black Horse Seal. This mount (Noble Black Horse) has riding times (actual riding time):

    5-10 fruit -> 7 days
    11-24 fruit -> 15 days
    25-27 fruit -> 30 days
    28-99 fruit -> 60 days

Available on the Item-Shop: